Can’t be contained

The Buffalo News: Gusto

The Tragically Hip continues the “World Container” tour with a two-night stand in Lewiston’s Artpark, beginning at 8 p.m. Saturday and continuing Sunday at the same time. Both shows have been sold out since the day tickets went on sale to the public.

The band is a world-class album-rock ensemble, and its studio efforts have been consistently inspired across the span of its 20 years together. Live, however, the Hip is notorious for taking it all somewhere else. Singer Gordon Downie has transportive powers as a front man, and he’s more than eager to take the audience through the looking glass with him.

Once there, the band’s music — which, when stripped to its core components, is straightforward rock- and folk-based stuff — transcends itself, as Downie leads the proceedings like a mad carnival barker trying to break on through to the other side, the uber-tight rhythm section becomes hypnotic and sensual, and the twin guitars weave together into one. This usually happens by the end of the opening tune.

Hopefully, the Hip will wend its way back to our neck of the woods near the tour’s end. In the meantime, keep one eye on for the consistently updated “song of the day” and “featured video” content.

— Jeff Miers