The Tragically Hip Meditate on A “Morning Moon”

The sun’s a lightbulb, and the moon is a mirror.

That explanation of why the moon is visible even after the sun has come up is the jumping-off point for The Tragically Hip’s meditation on our intimate relationships, “Morning Moon,” from their forthcoming album ‘We Are The Same’ (Rounder/April 7). The first single from their new album, it will go to radio March 23rd.

Listen to the song here:

Says Hip frontman Downie, “the inspiration for the song was a question from one of my kids, ‘why can you still see the moon in the morning once the sky has turned blue?’ Kids ask these kinds of innocent things, but you have to be ready with an answer, you have to stay a step ahead of them.

“That’s really the theme of the record: me and you; him and her; the little things that we say to each other each day, and even the things we withhold. Our thoughts dwell on the people in our lives a lot more than we admit; we’re always trying to relate, to make a connection. That’s what this album is about.”

The Tragically Hip kick off a 12-city U.S. tour May 7th in Philadelphia in support of ‘We Are The Same.’