Jim Tidman – Stealing Ghosts

Jim Tidman – Stealing Ghosts

Ching Music – Paul’s record label – just released the new album by Jim Tidman. Here’s what Paul had to say about it:

I’ve been friends with Jim for a bunch of years now.

We were a little ways into our friendship before I even realized Jim played guitar. Anyway, he pulled out a guitar one night and played me a song he’d written, called Apple Blossom – I was impressed (it ended up being the 1st song on his record).

As I heard more of his tunes over the next few years, and at countless campfires, I started saying ‘Jim, we gotta get you into the studio and lay these tunes down’… So, eventually, that’s what we did!

In the fall of ’08, we went into the Bathouse, and we started by starting. We chipped away at it over the course of a couple/three weekends, here and there. On the first weekend, Jim’s wife Angie, his daughter Emily, and my wife Joanne each sang a duet with him. A couple of our other kids, his Katie, and my Sophie, also added some back-ups. Jim’s brother Dave, a surprisingly subtle and tasteful harmonica player, was there most of the time over these weekends – playing along with Jim and his songs, like he’s done most of their lives…

I asked Rob Baker to add some pedal steel on a couple of tunes – then I asked Gord Sinclair to add a little banjo. Another friend of mine, Mauro Sepe, came in one night and played some percussion on a couple of tracks. Aaron Holmberg, our resident engineer at the Bathouse, even made an appearance, with a back-up vocal on Devils and Diamonds…

So there you go! That’s how it happened, and I hope you like it….


Visit Ching Music to listen to the album, and buy your own copy.