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Name: TTH: 2009-09-26 – Ottawa, ON
Size: 910.28 MB
Category: SHN/FLAC: Concerts
Uploaded by: markslog

26Sep09 The Tragically Hip
National Arts Centre – Ottawa, ON

Neumann KM184s > Kind Kables Chameleon Ultra XLR cables > Grace Designs Lunatec V3 (HPF @ 1) > optical > Sony PCM-D50

direct to internal flash

Originally recorded at 48.0kHz/24-bits
Dithered down to 16-bits using Sound Forge 8.0
Re-sampled down to 44.1kHz with anti-alias filter using Sound Forge 8.0
Individual tracks cut up using CDWave 1.95 with DirectWAV conversion
WAV MD5 checksum created using MD5Summer v1.2.0.11
FLAC Files created using FLAC Frontend version 1.7.1 with level 8 encoding
FLAC Fingerprint created using FLAC Frontend version 1.7.1
FLAC MD5 checksum created using MD5Summer v1.2.0.11

Recorded/Transferred/Encoded by: markslog@hipfans.com

Freq.: 44.1 kHz
Bitrate: 16-bits
Time: 159:26

last row, orchestra, left

t01 – New Orleans Is Sinking
t02 – The Depression Suite
t03 – Twist My Arm
t04 – Ahead By A Century
t05 – Puttin’ Down
t06 – Morning Moon
t07 – Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)
t08 – Thugs
t09 – In View
t10 – At The Hundredth Meridian
t11 – Love Is A First

t12 – Thompson Girl *
t13 – Coffee Girl *
t14 – Fiddler’s Green *
t15 – Gift Shop
t16 – Bobcaygeon
t17 – Nautical Disaster
t18 – Escape Is At Hand For The Travellin ‘ Man
t19 – Poets
t20 – Now The Struggle Has A Name
t21 – Yer Not The Ocean
t22 – Grace, Too
t23 – My Music At Work
t24 – **encore break**
t25 – Frozen In My Tracks
t26 – Blow At High Dough

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