Dime – TTH: Day for Night Demos (possible upgrade?)

SRB just posted this to Hipbase:

Saw this posted on Dime by the same taper who recorded the Waterloo, ON show in ’91


Tragically Hip–Running Master #1-“Day for Night” demos

So here’s a nice rarity for the Hip fans out there!
Many years ago, someone I barely new approached me and said, “I have something you may be interested in.” According to his story, his best friend’s parents owned a recording studio in Hamilton, and the Tragically Hip were recording their new album there. The band had run a few cassette copies of works in progress for themselves, and accidentally left one behind. His friend then “borrowed” it, and made him a copy. I did get this before “Day for Night” was released, and was sworn to not share it with anyone because of that. The album is 16 years old now though, and in poking around the internet a bit, I notice this does seem to be in circulation now. I have no idea what quality is out there, but this one sounds pretty good. It’s a bit hissy, obviously been dubbed a few times. I figure the lineage could be master>cassette dub>friend of friend>friend>me, so about 4th gen. Could be more in there I’m not aware of, of course. I call it Running Master #1, because that was what was written on the tape he loaned me. Oh, and there’s an unreleased track on it, too!

Lineage: possibly master>cassette>cassette>cassette>cassette>M audio sound card>wav>flac
editing with CDWav

Track Listing:
01. Grace, Too
02. Titanic Terrarium
03. Nautical Disaster
04. Thugs
05. Dante
06. Daredevil
07. Emergency
08. Scared


This is number 206 in an ongoing series.