Great Moon Gathering

Gord Downie via Twitter says:

The Hip are really excited to get north! We’re going to hang out and talk with old friends and new. We have a whole new batch of songs we want to play. The moment I first stepped foot round the shores of James Bay, I knew the Hip had to go there – to the birthplace of our country.

The Tragically Hip & Novelist Joseph Boyden in the James Bay Area February 15 – 17th for the 2012 Great Moon Gathering:

Canadian legends The Tragically Hip, along with celebrated novelist Joseph Boyden, will be participating in this year’s Great Moon Gathering. The annual event, held on the west coast of James Bay in Ontario’s pristine Arctic lowlands, will gather in 2012 in Fort Albany, February 15-17, and include the Cree First Nations of Attawapiskat, Peawanuck, Kashechewan, Moose Factory, and Fort Albany.

With a focus on both traditional and contemporary aboriginal education, the Great Moon Gathering celebrates the strengths and diversity of the Cree Nation. Over forty workshops will be offered, and are as varied as Cree language, sweat lodge, moccasin and hand drum making, classroom management, and early education.

Gord Downie says, “The moment I first stepped foot on the shores of James Bay, I knew the Tragically Hip had to go there, to the birthplace of our country. The band’s excited. We’re going to hang out, talk, and listen. We have a fresh batch of songs we want to play, for both old friends and new.”

Joseph Boyden adds, “Recent coverage of reserves such as Attawapiskat only captures one part of a story that’s much deeper, nuanced, and beautiful than most Canadians know. The Hip and I are coming up to James Bay to show our love and support for a people and a culture that transcends so many of the negative stereotypes that have been floated the last months.”

Tickets open to the public (if any left) after Feb. 6

For more information, contact Edmund Metatawabin, chair of the Great Moon Gathering Committee. (705) 278-1108.

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