A Heksenketel DVD; I want one!

Heksenketel Cover imageI was checking out my Tragically Hip items on eBay RSS feed and saw a listing for Heksenketel – the 1994 “documentary” of the 1992 – 1993 ARA Tour – released on VHS. This, coupled with the regular requests I get from fans asking to post a torrent of a digitized version to the tracker, got me thinking, “Why hasn’t Heksenketel been released on DVD?”

Well you can tell your friends that you read it here first because I think that in light of all the recent changes at The Hip World Headquarter’s that we will see a DVD version of Heksenketel!

Now this is purely conjecture, and a lame attempt by me to generate some discussion, but I’d love to get a copy on DVD. Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “A Heksenketel DVD; I want one!

  1. Well?

    I converted my tape to dvd but my original video capture sucked; the image color was way off, pretty poor. It’s either from the aging of my vhs tape or my vcr, or the combo of the two (I’m ruling out the vcr itself because it produced great captures of other videos). Some tapes though jive better with some vcr’s then others so maybe a different vcr would produce different results. And yes, I cleaned the vcr tape heads.

    Any further word on an official release? I love the movie because I think it’s one of the best rock tour documentaries due to the fact that it doesn’t just focus on the band; they include the crew, the fans and various people in-between which gives you a more composite picture of a tour in motion. A very underrated rockumentary imo.

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