Review: 2006-09-09 – Stratford, ON

Just back from the show… and am trying to shake the shivers.

Setlist – in order
Springtime In Vienna
Lonely End Of The Rink
Grace, Too
Summer Is Killing Us
Ahead By A Century
The Ocean
50 Mission Cap
My Music At Work – intro on bass guitar; is that standard??
In View – no keys, just guitars
Don’t Wake Daddy
Wheat Kings
At The 100th Meridian
Fire In The Hole

Heaven Is A Better Place Today
Nautical Disaster

Not much to say about the show; it was good to hear In View live. The crowd was somewhat subdued from where I was standing in front of the soundboard. The sound was really bass heavy – perhaps a remnant from last nights Nelly Furtado performance? Hopefully that won’t ruin the recordings. There were five audio rigs present; most of which belong to friends of mine so I have a feeling they will be traded/torrented.

We had three cameras, but I gave up on taping as it was nearly impossible with the average height of the fans around eight foot four!!! I couldn’t see a thing, and if it weren’t for the giant video screens I wouldn’t have had a clue what was happening on stage.

In View sounded good live, but I think that I prefer the studio version. Pretend is a good song, but not suited to a live rock concert, let alone the encore.

Rink and Ocean are turning into new favourites of mine – I really can’t wait to hear them on CD.

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