Review: 2006-10-17 – Toronto, ON

The “secret” show to launch World Container was held last night as The Horseshoe Tavern in downtown Toronto. We arrived at 8:15pm (the email telling us about the event said the doors were at 8, show at 10) and the venue was sparsely populated, but the anticipation was palpable.
2006-10-17 - Toronto, ON SetlistThe band took the stage promptly at 10pm and ripped into The Lonely End Of The Rink followed by a barrage of new tracks and classics. Gord D was more talkative than normal, thanking the crowd and those involved with the production/release of the album on numerous occasions. He seemed really thrilled to be on stage, singing their new tracks and his excitement was shared by the other guys in the band, as evidenced by the perma-grins that they wore all evening.
The crowd was receptive to the new tracks, and the drunk “Captain Canada’s” seemed to be strangely absent making foor an even better show. The only downer of the evening was that as this was a radio contest there were a lot of people there just because they won tickets – no real interest in the band outside of NOIS and Little Bones.

The Horseshoe holds about 400 people, and judging by the number of fans who came up and said hello to me, I’d wager that at least 40% were fans who acquired tickets through MAv and Ticket Stash. (Thanks again MAv!)

Audio (4 sources) and video (5 cameras at least) were recorded. This show will be in the vaults for a while as I have a huge list of shows already queud up for editing.