Review: on World Container

Here’s what (The Toronto Star) has to say about World Container:

“Three Stars out of Four”

As a live act, the Tragically Hip remains as popular as ever in this country. The sold-out, four-night run at the Phoenix Concert Theatre that begins Sunday is more lark than necessity for a band still capable of packing the ACC for a night — or even two. In recent years, however, the iconic Kingston band’s recorded output has met with growing indifference. Whether World Container, the Hip’s 11th studio album in 13 years, can reverse the trend remains to be seen — although the bouncy, upbeat power pop of the debut single, “In View,” counts as a serious attempt. Aided by producer Bob Rock, who has fine-tuned discs by heavyweights Metallica and Mötley Crüe, World Container is a concerted effort to tweak, if not ditch, the familiar template. While sometimes still relying too heavily on vehemence as his principal vocal strategy, singer Gord Downie demonstrates a welcome dexterity, even making a bid for crooner on “Pretend” and the title track. Guest keyboardist Jamie Edwards lends leavening touches to both those tracks, as well as opener “We’re not the Ocean,” while “The Lonely End of the Rink” gets a dusting of classical guitar and “Fly” is embroidered with rootsy embellishments.
Vit Wagner