Hugh’s Review: 2007-04-14 – Cleveland, OH

It seems I see some of the best Hip performances in Cleveland. This show was no exception. The sold out HOB was packed with a large contingent of Buffalo Hip fans. This was a high energy crowd feeding of the Hip’s excellent sound. At one point during the show Gord stated, “I am the god of electricity and these are my minions”, pointing to all of us. Gord and the band led us on a wonderful musical journey. I thought it was one of the best set lists of the World Container tour with an excellent mix of old and new songs.

One surprise was a new lead in to Daredevil. Instead of Hiccups, “Burn on Big River” by Randy Nueman was played. Burn on Big River and Chagrin Falls were excellent and both were very appropriate with all of the Ohio references. During the 100th Meridian jam, Gord unplugged his mike from the cord and threw the mike into the crowd. A woman in the front row made a nice one handed grab and caught it. She held it in her fist and pumped it in the air. She eventually gave it back. This was followed by Last of the Unplucked Gems. A nice choice to pull out of the large music catalogue that The Hip posses.

I hated to see the evening end because I had so much fun at the show, but the encore set was fantastic. Can I say Emperor F**king Penguin! Hello?! Then that great song was followed by the band’s cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I love that song and The Hip played it with great energy and bravado. The show ended with Fully, Completely. Before Gord left the stage, he ended the show as he did the other nights. He knelt down and ground the mike into the stage floor. He was snuffing the mike out like a smoker who was extinguishing his finished cigarette.

I had the best time these last 3 days going to 3 show in a row. I must say I’m exhausted, worn out and very happy. The Hip entertained me with great songs and very few repeats in each set list. I enjoyed seeing my Hip Head friends who went to the shows with me. Being with others who enjoy the music as much as I do just makes things more fun. Carolyn and I want to give a special thank you to The Hip and their crew for letting us hang out with them. We really appreciate it.

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  1. Hi…not being disrespectful but that microphone is sitting here in our house! Gord handed it to the lovely woman whose name is Norine. He seemed to wait for her to turn and look and then handed it to her. For safe transport out of the show she then tucked into the front of her jeans. :o) It was an incredible moment at an awesome show.

    We got back to the hotel and just could not believe what happened. For laughs I took some pictures of a worn out Norine resting with the microphone by her side.

    Dave & Norine

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