City Pages – A List Picks

City Pages – A List Picks
The Tragically Hip Worshiped as rock gods in their own country, Canadian Music Hall of Famers the Tragically Hip never caught on as strongly in the States, despite two decades of touring in support of album after album of sweet hooks and high-energy storytelling by frontman Gordon Downie. Maybe it’s just that they were never really needed in the U.S., where the fruited plains offer up a new crop of rock gods every year. Early reports from the Hip’s current road trip promise an exhilarating rush of a performance, sure to please the same Canuck expats who’ll be turning out to see Sloan the following week. With Winter Sleep. 18 . $25/$30. 7:00 p.m. —Sarah Askari

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  1. so who’s it gonna be TONIGHT?

    PRINCE or the MATS?

    purple rain or bastards of young?

    (ill let you know).

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