SETLIST: 2007-05-18 – Erie, PA

Warner Theatre, Erie, PA

01: Yer Not The Ocean
02: Twist My Arm
03: In View
04: Lake Fever
05: The Drop Off
06: Ahead By A Century
07: Poets
08: The Kids Don’t Get It
09: The Direwolf
10: World Container
11: Inevitability of Death
12: New Orleans Is Sinking
13: Long Time Running
14: Fireworks
15: Family Band
16: Blow At High Dough

17: The Lonely End Of The Rink
18: COVER: “Street Fighting Man” by The Rolling Stones
19: Little Bones

8 thoughts on “SETLIST: 2007-05-18 – Erie, PA

  1. The setlist I posted is from another fan who posted it saying that they got one of the setlists from the show.

    When the recording of the show surfaces, we’ll know for sure.

  2. I was just looking over the playlist – didn’t they do Boots or Hearts in Erie?

  3. Just posted Poets and Blow at High Dough (from the second row) at YouTube. Fireworks is also up there by someone else.

  4. Was there, what a show! They were dead on right out of the gate. Gord was quite chatty between songs too. I forget how many times I have seen them since World Container came out and they always screw up Lonely End Of The Rink! No that’s where the Sabres are 🙁 I’m in a cover bar band and we play it and always nail the changes. Love these guys.

  5. i was at the show also…i thought it was pretty damn good, although not as good as the 2 shows at the town ballroom in buffalo a few months back i was still blown away… the band was on and gord was tip top. the highlight for me was during fireworks when gord said ” you were loosening my grip on Derek Roy”

    see you all at the artpark next month.

    too bad the sabres lost but they put up a great effort.

  6. Interesting show in Erie, PA – lots of energy, show was really tight. But what surprised me – no songs from Fully Completely (including no 100th Meridian) and no Bobcaygeon. But a pretty great set – especially Inevitability of Death and Blow at High Dough (where Gordie broke the microphone stand and starting dancing around the stage like a cheerleader twirling her baton. (We have it on video and will post it to YouTube). Street Fighting Man was awesome.

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