Rory’s Fan Compilation Project

Hey folks…

I’ve been in discussions with Chris on this project, and I’d like to propose it to the Hip fans around the world!

My compilation idea is inspired by the HipStory section of What if we had a compilation of favorite versions of live songs chosen by Hipbase members, with added introductions recorded by the actual person who chose the song? The introduction must include your Hipbase username (and/or your real name; that’s optional), and could include reasons why you like that particular version, a road trip story relating to that particular show or a chance meeting with the band, or maybe you just love the recording or energy of the band, maybe a particular Gord rant….most importantly, though, at the end of the intro, name the song, the date, and the venue of the show. For example: “This is Courage, from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, December 3rd, 2000”. Best if you were actually at the show that you picked your song from, but not at all necessary. Now, for the vocal recording: if you have the means to do it yourself, great! Do so, in .wav or .flac format, and upload it to Chris’ FTP. If you have the song that you chose on your hard drive, upload that as well. If you have no means of recording your intro, Rory will do it for you. Simply post a comment indicating that you are interested and I’ll email you the details.

If you don’t have your favourite song on your hard drive, we’ll try to provide it for you. So here’s how it will work:
1. Starting today, post a comment with your favorite live version of a song. One pick per person please. First to comment me gets the song of their choice. If someone posts a song that has already been chosen, they will get a reply asking to choose another song. Either way, getting the song you chose or not, you will get a reply from me.
2. Once your reply has been received, record your intro. Once THAT is done, upload it to the site using the details that I provided in the email message. If you have no means of recording your intro, then reply after you have received your song confirmation with the text of your intro.

IMPORTANT: Please name your intro audio file in this format:
Insert the corresponding date after the “tth”

3. Upload your audio intro and your song to the FTP, and Rory will take care of the rest.
There is no cap to the amount of members that can submit entries. ONE SONG PER PERSON ONLY PLEASE. The entire compilation, when edited and finished, will appear on The Hip Tracker for all to enjoy.

OK, start listening to your boots, and post a comment with your choice! Try to put your song choice, and which show it’s from, in the comment.

It would make a great road trip CD, hearing Hipbase & Hipfans members’ favorite live songs, and to actually hear the person THEMSELVES give their reasons as to why they like it. I think it would give a personal touch to a unique fan compilation.


Rory Halifax

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  2. “Courage” – South Burlington Vermont 4/16

    Gord has a great rant about guns and the NRA at the end(This was the same day as those Virginia Tech shootings)

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