Total Album Sales

I am always amazed at how well The Hip’s back catalogue continues to sell. Fully Completely was certified Diamond earlier in 2007; I wonder how when Road Apples will pass that mark?

Do these numbers surprise you? Impress you? Concern you?

The Tragically Hip: 200,000
Up To Here: 1,000,000
Road Apples: 800,000
Fully Completely: 1,000,000
Day For Night: 600,000
Trouble At The Henhouse: 500,000
Phantom Power: 400,000
Music At Work: 200,000
In Violet Light: 100,000
In Between Evolution: 100,000
World Container: 100,000

Hipeponymous: 100,000
Yer Favourites: 200,000

Total: Certified minimum of 5,300,000 according to CRIA.CA

That Night In Toronto: 50,000 (5 x Platinum for video sales)

6 thoughts on “Total Album Sales

  1. I’d have to say those numbers are in line with my interest in the band. Up to here I rank as in my top 10 albums of all time. That album rocks like few others, and coupled with the hyperenegetic performances in the early days, they were a powerhouse. Road Apples had a number of tasty chunky bits, which helped solidify the group as not being an overnight sensation…Fully Completely had its moments of grandeur on a few tracks, but gave signs that the tide was turning as many tracks were losing their fiery edge. Day for Night is practicaly unlistenable to me now. All the punch was gone, and nothing but finely sanded schmaltz was left. Since then I haven’t heard anything that grabs me and shakes me like a human being (to quote my pal Kim.)

    Gordie baby, you got to let Bobby play man… Grab those balls back and return to the thunder the Hip once had. I long to have another “I’ll believe in you…” moment

  2. The numbers are from – the Canadian Recording Industry Association’s Album Certification Program… it does not detail if they are Canadian sales only, although one could assume that they are.

    World Container was certified 100,000 only a few months after its release.

  3. I agree with Corey. Downloading has definitely impacted the sales but I want it to be noted, that the low numbers don’t represent the quality of the music. IBE and World Container are absolutely amazing albums and I have to include them with Fully Completely and Day for Night as faves. Can’t wait to see them in St. John’s. Front Row Center.

  4. Some may be worried that the last three new albums have only
    sold 100,000, but it’s important to note that people really don’t BUY many albums these days- they illegally download them!

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