EuroHip :: Day Two (Astoria, London)

Whew! What a great way to kick off EuroHip 2007! We toured the city some more before heading back to our hotel to grab our recording gear. With our gear fully charged and packed we headed to the show. Surprisingly there wasn’t a line up at the venue, nor were there any issues getting our gear in.

The venue itself is rather plain with patrons required to navigate a series of somewhat confusing (or maybe I was just confused) staircases. I ended up along the front row of the balcony and was content to stay there for the duration of the show. The rest of the balcony area is punctuated by 2×4 framed leaning bars and benches.

A few of our fellow travellers stayed upstairs with me, while the audio guys went straight for the soundboard. The sound in the venue was pretty good from where I was, and by the sounds of the recordings, it was pretty good down by the sound board as well.

Immediately following the show we were entertained by the throngs of drunken partyers before heading for the hotel. Our Saturday morning flight required us to catch the 4:00am train from Victoria Station to Gatwick!

01: Yer Not The Ocean
02: My Music At Work
02: Grace, Too
03: It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
04: The Drop Off
05: Ahead By A Century
06: Giftshop
07: Family Band
08: World Container
09: Springtime In Vienna
10: At The Hundredth Meridian
11: The Lonely End Of The Rink
12: Bobcaygeon
13: In View
14: Fully Completely
15: New Orleans Is Sinking

16: COVER: “Queen Bitch: by David Bowie
17: Courage
18: Fireworks

2 thoughts on “EuroHip :: Day Two (Astoria, London)

  1. It was indeed an awesome night! The best way to end a fantastic few days making some great new friends and having good fun!

    Hope you guys are having fun on the mainland (I don;t doubt it… I am hugely jealous, not just of the amount of Hip shows but even more of the camaraderie).

    Take care guys,

  2. I was there too..just to the right of you guys, I think it was the best place in the house for filming .
    I now regret not bring my proper camera gear. Great show …better than last year…

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