SETLIST: 2007-10-01 – Eindhoven, Netherlands

Here’s the review from the show that Big A sent in:

Best fucking show topnight
Thuigs daddy fidders spring wheat locked

01: The Lonely End Of The Rink
02: New Orleans Is Sinking
03: Don’t Wake Daddy
04: Ahead By A Century
05: In View
06: Gift Shop
07: Family Band
08: Courage
09: Thugs
10: Fiddler’s Green
11: Yer Not The Ocean
12: Locked In The Trunk Of A Car
13: Wheat Kings
14: Blow At High Dough
15: Fire In The Hole

16: Luv (Sic)
17: Something On
18: Fully Completely


4 thoughts on “SETLIST: 2007-10-01 – Eindhoven, Netherlands

  1. Songs from album list:

    6x WorldContainer
    3x Fully Completely
    3x Trouble at the henhouse
    2x Day for night
    2x Up to here
    1x Road Apples
    1x Phantom Power

    i’m veryyy curious about the DVD … i hope someone will put them online, I want it ! jaja

  2. I did see them in Cologne and Eindhoven. Two great shows! Went home twice with
    setlist, and in Eindhoven I got a handkerchief personaly from Gordon (he did throw it
    in the audiance, asked it back, and give it to me! Shit I sound like a groupie! 🙂

  3. Great show, indeed i was doubting about the published setlist, but Fireworks was i
    indeed played.

    Band was in great shape, did not see them in a year but it rocked! too bad the sound was not so good in the end of the show
    Saw a tripod with camera in the back and somebody filming on front row. Will there be a DVD ? That would be grat!!

    The junes were quite boring actually, and already forgotten after the first notes of Lonely end of the rink

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