The Hip Tracker is Dead.

That’s right fans; The Hip Tracker is dead.

Last week some arrogant jerkoff decided to hack our server and delete the Admin accounts, along with add their own graphics, and generally be a pest. This forced our hand and we implemented an upgraded version of the tracker software.

This turned out to be a good move, but sadly the loser hacker saw it as a new challenge and eventually gained access to the accounts and made changes, sent spam messages, deleted users, etc. which brings me to the point: The Hip Tracker as you knew and loved it is dead.

If you have any ideas on how to resurrect it, please let me know.

7 thoughts on “The Hip Tracker is Dead.

  1. Evry piece of hip material I have in my collection came from this tracker. To say it leaves a void would be an understatement. I am always happy to exchange hip shows though. Visit my website. I will set up torrents, post to news groups, put together snail mail trades, fire things up to yousend it, and generally do whatever it takes to keep the music flowing. I wish there was more I could do, such as slap a backup copy of the tracker onto an https server and try to keep things going, but I just don’t have the resources at the moment. Thanks to all the sharers of the hip tracker.

  2. This is why the internet has become a giant fucking joke. This kid has nothing better to do than cause problems for people that he doesn’t know (and would likely kick his ass now if they saw him). Did anyone ever see that South Park where the kids become Warcraft nerds and basically lose their entire real lives so they can have a virtual one? I hope this kid is proud of himself, because hacking is not going to land you a job at the CIA, so this is his #1 accomplishment. And since this isn’t stealing anything, the cops wouldn’t even give the time of day…

    Anyways, there has to be another idea — it may not be bittorrent (i.e. furthernet), maybe, but there are other ways to share. Etree would work as a quick fix ( but it’s not Hip dedicated.

    I work for an IT consulting company and have lots of friends that use their knowledge for good. Hopefully they have something that would work, but if peeps decide on eTree for a while then please let me know….

  3. did you get their IP address? complain to their ISP? any laws broken, can u contact police? set up a sting operation if he does it again?

  4. This is really sad to read. There were a lot of great shows uploaded, and I have
    a ton to share.

    I hope that an alternative source can be found for us die hard Hip fans.

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