Hip Tracker Upload: 2007-09-11 – Fredericton, NB *DVD*

The Tragically Hip
Fredericton, New Brunswick
The Aitken University Center
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

DVD (NTSC, 4:3)

Video Source:
Panasonic MiniDV Camera (Rory Young)

Audio source:
AT3035’s (Cardioids, DIN 90∞/20cm,) > Hydra XLR’s > Busman Mod Fostex FR-2LE (24bit/96kHz)
Location: DFC, Behind the Soundboard, Stand at 7’0″
Transfer: CF > USB 2.0 > Sound Forge 8.0 (Resample, Dither) > CD Wave 1.96.1 > FLAC (Level 5)
Taped and Transferred by Andrew Butler (andrewpaulbutler_at_gmail.com)

Edited: Chris Kirkpatrick
Final Cut Express

DVD & Assembly: Chris Kirkpatrick

01: The Lonely End Of The Rink
02: New Orleans Is Sinking
03: Fully Completely
04: The Dire Wolf
05: Yer Not The Ocean
06: Ahead By A Century
07: In View
08: Poets
09: Flamenco
10: Fireworks
11: COVER: “Substitute” by The Who
12: At The Hundredth Meridian
13: The Kids Don’t Get It
14: Bobcaygeon
15: Nautical Disaster
16: Family Band
17: Blow At High Dough

17: Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)
18: Springtime in Vienna
19: Grace, Too



3 thoughts on “Hip Tracker Upload: 2007-09-11 – Fredericton, NB *DVD*

  1. Thanks SOOOOOOO much for this. It was a good night.

    I work for the radio station that started an e-mail campaign to get them here, so guaranteed I will be passing a lot of copies of this around.

  2. Hey Chris, thanks for this!
    If you post a preview on youtube, may I suggest Blow… I remember it being epic… and I know it sounds mainstream, but it simply kicked my ass that night.

    If not, s’all good.
    Thanks for this! WOO HOO!

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