Hugh’s Review: 2007-11-02 – Rochester, NY

The sold out concert at the Rochester auditorium began with Canadian and U.S. fans trying to chant louder than each other. A large group of Canadians sitting in the balcony began chanting “Let’s Go Leafs”. The New York fans responded with “Let’s Go Buffalo”. The crowd’s energy was high as everyone shouted back and forth. In the midst of all this, The Hip came on stage.

The set list was a good mix of old and new songs. Gord D began ABAC stating, “Girl, I know the person you are. I know the future I got.” Robbie played his acoustic guitar as he usually does during this song. At the end, Robbie switched to his electric and played a great new solo. It was a refreshing change to a great song. During Rink, Gord was a hockey player stickhandling and dekeing back and forth across the stage.

The 100th Meridian was definitely a highlight of the show. During the musical break Gord D was uncanny. Everthing began with a woman throwing her bra at Gord. He caught it and gave it a sniff. Then Gord had a mikestand battle. He battered the stand, giving it a number of hip checks. Gord used the mikestand like a metal detector on the beach. Then Gord did something amazing. He flipped the mikestand into the air, rolling it over his back. The mikestand did one full rotation and landed perfectly upright on the stage. Now the stand was a rifle and Gord was a soldier marching back and forth. Gord then took the upper half of the stand and twirled it like a baton. He walked back and forth, raising it high and low while continuing to twirl it perfectly. This drew a large round of applause from the Auditorium. Gord then threw the stand like a spear. It landed right next to Paul. Lastly, Gord used the microphone as a golf ball. He did a great imitation of hitting it back and forth across the “fairway”. Gord would take a fake backswing and come down at the “ball”. When his imaginary club should strike the “ball”, he would kick the mike and it would fly across the stage. The sight of Gord swinging and the sound effect of Gord kicking the mike made the golfing look and sound realistic. Gord’s whole “act” for this song was very entertaining.

Little Bones ended the main set. Gord mangled his mikestand and bent it into an “L” shape. His microphone became a paint brush. He used it to “paint” the fans. After the encore break The Hip came out for 3 more high energy songs. The Auditorium was in a frenzy. As Fireworks finished Gord said, “Rochester, this is what you sound like…” and he held his mike out to the crowd. A huge roar welled up. Gord then snuffed his mike out on the stage like a used up cigarette and causually left the stage.

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  1. Another suprise was Paul doing an amazing solo during bobcaygeon he rarely does solsos and it was insane

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