The Hip play RIM Rocks 2007!

RIM Rocks – the annual holiday party for the staff of RIM was held at the Air Canada Centre this year, and featured live entertainment by The Hip and Van Halen.

Must be nice to be a billionaire….

3 thoughts on “The Hip play RIM Rocks 2007!

  1. I was there as well and I totally agree that The Hip did not play long enough.

    The was only the 5th time that I have seen them and I can never get enough!!
    I get goose bumps from watching this…….lol.

    I am glad everyone had a good time!!! Can’t wait until the next show!!

  2. Great show! I was there too . . . .

    Only problem was the Hip didn’t play for long enough 🙁 I was just getting into the
    show and they stopped. Guess that’s the problem when you are the opening band.

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