TORRENT: 2000-10-03 – Syracuse, NY **RESEED**

The Tragically Hip
Landmark Theatre
Syracuse, NY

” Is there some kind of unrest in the pit? What’s wrong? Please, I want to know. It has an effect. I could try to ignore you, but that’s not the ticket you bought.”

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Notes: There is some kind of digi noise in d2t3. Not sure what it is.

Show Notes: This was the two-set “Evening with The Tragically Hip” tour from fall 2000. Chris Brown played keyboards and Kate Fenner did back-up vocals, harmonies, and tambourine. There were some particularly loud and rude folks down in the pit, which Gordie repeatedly directed rants and comments toward. It eventually led to Gord calling it quits during the very first encore, before completing “The Completists”. The source is unknown, but it is a great recording of a great show! Thanks to Pat from Buffalo for the CD’s!

disk 1 – 59:21
set 1
01 Puttin’ Down
02 Something On
03 Gift Shop
04 Lake Fever
05 Fully Completely
06 Eldorado *
07 Fireworks
08 Thugs
09 Opiated
10 700 ft. Ceiling
11 Grace, Too
12 My Music at Work
13 Emperor Penguin

disk 2 – 68:43
set 2
01 Boots or Hearts **
02 Train Overnight **
03 Scared **
04 Courage
05 Sharks
06 Poets
07 Sherpa
08 At the Hundredth Meridian
09 Ahead by a Century
10 Last of the Unplucked Gems
11 Freak Turbulence
12 Nautical Disaster
13 Tiger the Lion
14 New Orleans is Sinking
First Encore
15 The Completists ***

* Kate Fenner alternates lead vocal lines with Gordie.
** Acoustic version
*** Dedicated to Michelle Troudeau, unfinished. Gordie orders band offstage.

I have included a NTP file, which is a very nice CD label for this show. The software needed to use this NTP file is called
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