The Calm Before The Storm?

What can we expect at the show next month in Kingston? Will the band be completely recharged and give us a show unrivalled in their history? Will we get a standard “greatest hits” set to appease the masses and invited guests… who most likely only know the radio hits? Will they break out some new tracks – songs they are working on for the next album?

My hope is that they play some rarities, play an oldie like “Smalltown Bringdown” as an homage to Kingston, and then bust out a new track or two… before filling the balance of the setlist with standards that will keep the crowd rockin’ from Gord’s first “Hello” to the minute the mic hits the stage to end the performance.

And who will the opening act(s)? Rumours have suggested that we might get a reunited Headstones (!!!!) but I doubt it. I’ll suggest that Sarah Harmer or The Mahones are more likely than The Headstones, but if Hugh Dillon and the boys do get back together it will be an even more special night.

2 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm?

  1. Well, if there is an opening act, technically The Hip won’t be the first band to play in the new arena 🙂

  2. Either way this show goes, you rest assured that I’ll be sat in London wishing I could be there!

    I’m sure it’ll be a great night. I can’t wait to see the guys live again…

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