New Album Due In Late 2008

As originally published in The Kingston Whig Standard:

Almost like clockwork, the band has released a CD at least every two years since its first full-length album, Up To Here, in 1989.

With World Container being released in 2006, that would mean a new album is due this year.

And that is the plan.

“Our hope is to get one out by the end of the year,” Baker says.

“Some time in the spring, we should start that process. We’re working a little differently these days. Before, we’d take five weeks and record an album. Now, we’ll record five songs and and then sit on it for a month and record five more. We’re ever adjusting the process.”

Ace veteran producer Bob Rock will once again be at the helm. Last time, the band spent two sessions in Vancouver with him and another at his studio in Hawaii.

“This time, we’re hoping we can persuade him to come to our studio [in Bath],” Baker says.

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