CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT: Big Music Fest in Belleville

On Saturday June 21st The Hip will be performing at Big Music Fest in Belleville, Ontario. Joining them will be Sam Roberts Band, Sarah Harmer and Attack In Black. The show is at Zwick’s Park. Presale for Registered Users of starts this Wednesday April 2nd at 10:00am. Public onsale starts Friday April 4th at 10:00am. Tickets are $49.50.

Visit for all the details on the presale and public onsale.

One thought on “CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT: Big Music Fest in Belleville

  1. The concert was good but the event was POORLY planned. We thought the show started at 3:00pm like the ticket said, but no one was let in until 3:00 and the show didn’t start until 4:00. If there is going to be more than one band playing, have more than one stage so people don’t get bored waiting for next musician to come on. We were standing in the front row of the concert and people were getting pulled out left and right due to people trying to get closer and pushing everyone in front as far as they could go. Security didn’t do much at all to try and help. People were also getting kicked in the head and still nothing was done. We won’t be returning to the Big Music Festival. Being pushed around like that to see the Hip was not worth it.

    People should have been informed that the Hip were not going to be on until 9:00 that night. Many people were misled in thinking that the show would have been over sooner.

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