A Hip IQ Test (From marcus1970 at hipbase.com)

Happy Victoria Day everyone!

For those who might be just a little bored today, I thought I’d create a fun quiz to test your knowledge of Hip songs. There are 18 questions for a total of 45 points. I can post the answers and scroing breakdown later. For now, just have fun. Good Luck.

The Tragically Hip IQ Test

1. At only 2:03, The Last of the Unplucked Gems is The Hip’s shortest studio recorded song. Which is the next shortest? (1 point)

a. The New Maybe
b. One Night In Copenhagen
c. Are You Ready
d. As I Wind Down The Pines
e. Evelyn

2. At 6:24, The Dark Canuck is The Hip’s longest studio recorded song. Which is the next longest? (1 point)

a. Escape Is At Hand For The Travellin’ Man
b. Grace Too
c. Tiger The Lion
d. Fight
e. Sherpa

3. List the following songs in chronological order based on the year mentioned in the song? (4 points)

a. 38 Years Old
b. Another Midnight
c. Fifty Mission Cap
d. Fireworks

4. Due to coarse language, which songs would NOT need to be edited for radio play? (2 points)

a. The Wherewithal
b. The Drop Off
c. Fire In The Hole
d. Titanic Terrarium
e. The Heart Of The Melt
f. No Threat
g. All Tore Up

5. Which songs listed do NOT mention the word “Canada” in the lyrics? (2 point)

a. Dire Wolf
b. Summer Is Killing Us
c. Wheat Kings
d. Last Night I Dreamed You Didn’t Love Me
e. Train Overnight
f. Fireworks

6. Simple Problem Solve: (1point)
Lies =?

7. Simple Addition: (1point)
Conviction + Tone =?

8. Simple Subtraction: (3 points)
(# of men thrashing madly) – (# of days to cross the ocean) = ?

9. Simple Multiplication: (3 points)
(# of gallons in a steady stream) x (# of kids for free) = ?

10. Simple Division: (3 points)
(# of men who died in the water) / (# of miles before the crash) = ?

11. How much Hip money is required to complete the following shopping list? (4 points)

2 – Hi Balls
4 – Beers
3 – Years
2 – Ears
1 – Eyeball
2 – Decades
Get the tank topped off

12. Match the song with the animal. (4 points)

a. On The Verge
b. Coconut Cream
c. Trickle Down
d. Are We Family

1. Cat
2. Goat
3. Chimpanzee
4. Lion

13. Match the song with the body of water. (4 points)

a. Another Midnight
b. Scared
c. Fly
d. The Rules

1. Ocean
2. Bay
3. Sea
4. River

14. Which songs do NOT mention “Springtime” in the lyrics? (2 points)

a. Membership
b. An Inch An Hour
c. Thompson Girl
d. Twist My Arm
e. Springtime In Vienna

15. Which of the following do NOT contain the song title in their lyrics? (2 points)

1. Throwing Off Glass
2. Daredevil
3. The Bear
4. Thugs
5. All Tore Up

16. Which album listed has the most songs on Yer Favourites? (1 point)

a. Up To Here
b. Road Apples
c. Trouble At The Henhouse
d. Day For Night
e. Phantom Power

17. Which song does NOT mention the colour “green” in the lyrics? (1 point)

a. Goodnight Josephine
b. New Orleans Is Sinking
c. The Drop Off
d. Daredevil
e. Inevitability Of Death
f. Opiated
g. Silver Jet

18. List as many Hip songs you can think of with “coffee” in the lyrics? (6 points)

1. ____________
2. ____________
3. ____________
4. ____________
5. ____________
6. ____________

Click here for the answers.

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