All New!!!! Check out!!!

The site is loaded with great features and products for both regular visitors and Registered Users of

Our new online storefront is called the Gift Shop. It contains all merchandise both new and old.

Several new products include:

The Live From The Vault series.
Album Cover T-Shirts
Lyric T-Shirts

Shiny Bundle, which includes a toque, scarf and puck

A new and improved Music Player that not only looks great, but sounds great too. All site visitors can listen to the Song Of The Day as well as streaming songs from the band’s discography. 

Registered Users of can create custom playlists from the entire band discography. These playlists can be updated and voted on by other users. If you have playlist envy, you can select the lists of other users to play for yourself. We will also have a rotation of full shows from the band’s archives available to stream. 

We have created a new Video Player that allows for the playback of all of the band’s music videos. This playback feature streams using mpeg4 files and allows for high resolution full screen viewing. We also have the archive of MAv’s home movies from live shows, backstage and the studio. 

A new Flickr application has been created to allow for a rotation of hundreds of photos. Almost every page of the new site contains this photo feature. There are tons of live concert photos, old promo photos and candid band photos. There is also a feature for fans to upload their photos of the band. 

The Archive section features a variety of band information and facts, including a comprehensive list of past shows, set lists, a database of cities and venues the band has played and all song lyrics. Registered Users can keep track of all the shows they have attended and the songs they have seen performed. This is also where the Hip Story Project resides. The HSP allows fans to tell their personal stories about all things Hip. Great experiences from past shows, how certain songs or albums have helped shape them and a place to recite anecdotes and memories. 

We feel like this site offers a little something for everyone, from the person just curious and checking out the band for the first time, to the casual fan to the hardcore who can’t get enough about The Hip. So pull up a chair and begin your exploring at