Live & Intimate From The Bathouse Studio

This was possibly the coolest event staged by a band that I’ve ever attended, or heard about. From the moment that Strombo climbed the steps to the front door of the house, I knew that we were in for a real treat. The band were in top form, and the new songs sounded great live. But the real gem for fans was the tour of The Bathouse Studio. A glimpse inside the normally closed world where The Hip make music.

The house looks like what The Hip sound like. That may be a tough analogy to swallow, but it works. Choose any descriptor for The Hip’s music and it can be applied to a section of the house. From the college furniture graveyard to the all new, old, loft in the garage the house screams – This Is The Hip!!!

Switching seamlessly from interview to song and from room to room throughout the house, the hour and a half broadcast felt way too short. But even with another hour I probably would be saying the same thing.

Opening with “The Depression Suite” the band proved that these songs, despite some critical reviews to the contrary, can be performed live.

Songs performed include:
The Depression Suite
Thompson Girl – performed in the kitchen where they recorded it.
My Music At Work – acoustic, in the kitchen
Bobcaygeon – Gord sang while beating George in a game of Snooker. Gord even kept the score!!!
Escape Is At Hand… – talked about Material Issue
Courage – Courage My Love, in Kensington Market – Toronto
Morning Moon – about looking out across the lake from the Bathouse
Love Is A First
The Last Recluse –
Now The Struggle Has A Name – about Residential Schools, PM Harpers apology.
Coffee Girl
Country Day – while the credits rolled

Jim Bryson on keys – will be joining them on tour…

One thought on “Live & Intimate From The Bathouse Studio

  1. The newest HIP album is yet another mile stone , and who’d of thunk it , after the boundery busting “World Container” ?
    A band that really does continue to evolve , and re-define themselves .
    All the songs are great , but the “closer” , “Country Day” is so timely , it could well be the top banana in the TTH bunch
    (*albeit , arguably)
    You’ve not heard TTH if you’ve not heard “We Are The Same” , yet

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