SETLIST: 2009-05-07 – Philadelphia, PA (Theatre Of The Living Arts)

01: The Last Recluse
02: Yer Not The Ocean
03: Honey, Please
04: Gift Shop
05: Morning Moon
06: Bobcaygeon
07: Love is a First
08: Grace, Too
09: Nautical Disaster
10: Now The Struggle Has A Name
11: The Completists
12: Three Pistols


12: Are We Family (acoustic)
13: Thompson Girl (acoustic)
14: Wheat Kings (acoustic)
15: Frozen In My Tracks
16: It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
17: Courage
18: The Depression Suite
19: Coffee Girl
20: Twist My Arm
21: New Orleans Is Sinking

22: Yawning Or Snarling
23: Little Bones

1 thought on “SETLIST: 2009-05-07 – Philadelphia, PA (Theatre Of The Living Arts)

  1. i have been to 25 shows now and i went to this philly show, drove up from buffalo and it was one of my favorite setlists ever, and best show

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