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Name: TTH: 2009-05-16 – Toronto, ON
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The Tragically Hip
Massey Hall
Toronto, ON

Recorded with Church Audio CA-11 Cardiods > Church Audio CA-9100 Preamp > Tascam DR-1
Recorded by Chris Kirkpatrick
Mics clipped to my hat.
Seat location: section RSF, row H, seat 46

Lineage: DR-1 > iMac > Amadeus (amplify and resample) > Fission (track splitting) > xACT (FLAC)

First Set
01: The Depression suite
02: In View
03: Coffee Girl
04: Twist My Arm
05: Morning Moon
06: It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
07: New Orleans Is Sinking
08: Honey, Please
09: Tiger The Lion
10: At The 100th Meridian
11: Love Is A First

Second Set
12: The Bear (Acoustic)
13: Wheat Kings (Acoustic)
14: Fireworks (Acoustic)
15: Poets
16: The Last Recluse
17: Gift Shop
18: Inevitability Of Death
19: Yawning Or Snarling
20: Yer Not The Ocean
21: Now The Struggle Has A Name
22: Grace, Too
23: My Music At Work

24: Ahead By A Century
25: On The Verge

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