Video: 2007-03-29 – Seattle, WA

Hip fan “spycouple” from hipbase just posted this:

Here’s a “rough sketch” of video shot a couple nights ago in Seattle. The smaller file is a mp4 version while the big file is a DVD image, both on YouSendIt. Downie is pretty animated on this (boxing with the mic, destroying mic stands, etc.). I didn’t get the blowing on Paul’s neck bit, but there is a part where it seems Gordie might pull out his Jimmy Morrison.

It turned out a bit better than expected. I’m finding the Sony PDR-DX10 way too touchy to get the nice slow Kubrick zooms, but it’s helluva camera. Just not used to it.

There’s a fantastic sneezing fit that I unfortunately run into at the tail end of this sequence of songs. Like knowing you’re going to sneeze while driving. Kinda funny.

iPod Mp4 – 192Mb

DVD Disk image – 1.77GB


Hip Tracker Upload: 2006-07-12 – Utrecht, Netherlands – DVD

Hey fans… I recently learned about a glitch in the DVD burning software I used that eliminates the code to get the video to play properly on all screen sizes (full on a 16×9, letterboxed on a 4×3 screen).

But there is a fix! I’ve edited the files that needed to be changed. If you download the changed files and replace the ones you already have, your disc will play correctly.

The files are here: