2006-06-21 – Belleville, ON

A great show at a cool venue with an awesome crowd (excusing the fact that most didn’t know the words to LTR)! The Empire Theatre is a classic old theatre with soft seats, and a simple decor. There is nothing in the venue to distract you from the action on stage – just the way it should be!

Gord was more talkative than I’ve seen; chatting with the crowd between songs in a different manner than his normally manic stage character. He told a couple of short “stories” about Belleville and Paul’s first show with the band, and that Titanic Terrarium was recorded durng the DFN Sessions at The River Mill in Kingston. I’ve been to the River Mill and it’s a place where the songs on DFN fit; especially on a cold and wet winter day… much like Gord described this evening.

It seemed like Gordie really enjoyed the intimate setting; on multiple occasions he came to the front of the stage and touched the fans in the front row… even posing for pictures with them… during the concert!

The band seemed really relaxed, and appeared to be having a great time on stage. I’ve never seen or heard Paul kick as much ass as he did last night. At various points he was sweating nealy as much as Gordie! Sinclair and Robby were grooving from start to finish.