YouTube: 11th Fret Video… 7 years later

– Oh, and I found this in a shoebox under my bed. It’s the long lost, ’11th Fret’ video that Mike Clattenburg wrote and directed back in 2003? We shot it in one afternoon and evening at The Rivoli in Toronto.

Here’s Mike remembering it;

“I just remember a massive goodwill as we made that, we made it on the back of Pascals too, for like 4K. The idea of the video phone seems even more relevant, I also remember you recorded live adats as we shot that you were thinking of intercutting live performance audio with the studio track which is still a sassy idea oh and the love story was inspired by that scene in cocksucker blues where keith falls asleep. We shot it the exact same way.”

And just for kicks… here’s the video for Chancellor: