Hip on the Island

A big hello to all the Hip fans out there, and a thanks to Chris for appointing me the East Coast Hipblogger. My name is Rory, from Halifax. I drove out to Charlottetown on Friday, June 30th for a bill that included Matt Mays & El Torpedo, and the Sam Roberts Band. My 2nd time seeing Matt, 8th time seeing Sammy, and 27th seeing the Hip. Despite the fact that the band allows recording of their concerts, we weren’t allowed entry into the show with our video camera. At least, we weren’t allowed in at ONE gate. We headed to the second one, and hid the camera in a hoodie tied around my fiancee’s waist. Some clever hand placement on her part allowed us to sneak it by the crack security squad at the gate. Once inside, however, we placed ourselves directly in front of the soundboard, and one of the security personnel offered his help in setting up the camera…. hmmmmm. Anyways, a good performance by Mays, Sam Roberts was fantastic as always, and the Hip keep on getting better and better with time. It is a performance like this one that convinces me that they will never ever stop playing, making albums, etc. They are too good to stop. The video and audio turned out great, and a DVD is forthcoming. We are the same folks who brought you the Sydney 2004 and Halifax 2004 shows, so you already know what to expect: slideshow, special features, and a great show by the greatest band in the world.

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