Day Nine: I can’t believe it’s over…

Our adventure is almost over. I’m sitting in the departures lounge at London’s Gatwick airport and am at once happy and sad. Happy to be heading home after having such an amazing adventure with a group of awesome friends. Sad that the adventure is over and the stresses of real life will be starting up again in a few hours.

The highlights are too many for me to list, but suffice to say, we had a great time! We travelled over 1500 km in Europe and over 100,000 km cumulatively to get to Europe and back. Our group included fans from Vancouver, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Guelph, Toronto, Collingwood, Aliston and Montreal – most who had never met one another before landing in Europe. We ranged in age from 22 to 40 but it was never an issue as our love of the music and our positive attitudes kept smiles on our faces for the entire trip.

For most this was their first trip to Europe; for all it was our first time seeing the band on another continent! The hospitality of the local fans at all of our stops was incredible and will not be forgotten. We took over 2000 pictures and about 70 hours of video footage including multiangles for all five concerts and lots of footage documenting our travels.

I’ll begin sorting through the pictures and footage this week and have some goodies up for download soon. In the meantime I just want to say thinks to all of the great fans we met along the way, and to all of my fellow travellers who made this such a memorable event!