EuroHip 2007

The East Coast swing is complete and positive reviews have been streaming in. The Hip are now off to Europe for a series of shows:

09/21/07: London: The Astoria
09/23/07: Groningen: Oosterpoort
09/25/07: Amsterdam: Paradiso
09/26/07: Amsterdam: Paradiso
09/28/07: Brussels: Ancienne Belgique
09/30/07: Koln: Prime Club
10/01/07: Eindhoven: Effenaar

Along with half a dozen or so other fans from North America, I’ll be following The Hip around Europe and posting regular updates to The tapers will be out in force so look for another series of audio and DVD releases through The Hip Tracker in the coming months.

Upcoming Shows

After a month off, The Hip are set to hit the road again. Heading east from Kingston, the boys will play a handful of Maritime shows before crossing the Atlantic for EuroHip 2007!

Aside from the EuroHip shows, it looks like most of these shows may go undocumented – as in, no fan recordings. 🙁 If you are attending one of the shows, and plan on recording it, please let us know.

09/08/07: St. John’s: Mile One Centre
09/11/07: Fredericton: Aitken Centre
09/13/07: Halifax: Metro Centre
09/14/07: Sydney: Cape Breton University Student Union
09/15/07: Charlottetown: Civic Centre
09/21/07: London: The Astoria
09/23/07: Groningen: Oosterpoort
09/25/07: Amsterdam: Paradiso
09/26/07: Amsterdam: Paradiso
09/28/07: Brussels: Ancienne Belgique
09/30/07: Koln: Prime Club
10/01/07: Eindhoven: Effenaar
10/10/07: San Francisco: The Warfield
10/11/07: Los Angeles: House Of Blues
10/13/07: San Diego: 4Th & B
10/15/07: Aspen: Belly Up
10/16/07: Boulder: Boulder Theatre
10/18/07: Austin: La Zona Rosa
10/19/07: Dallas: House of Blues
10/20/07: New Orleans: House Of Blues
10/23/07: New York: Grand Ballroom at The Manhattan
10/26/07: Washington: 9:30 Club
10/27/07: Boston: Orpheum Theatre
10/29/07: New Haven: Toad’s Place
10/30/07: Burlington: Memorial Auditorium

EuroHip 2007

My flights are booked. Big A and TA have booked their filghts. BenGrubb and Matt have their tickets. This is shaping up to be a great adventure! Who else is attending any/all of the Euro shows this fall?

Hip Tracker Upload: 2006-07-07 – London, England

A new torrent has been uploaded.

Name: TTH: 2007-07-07 – London, England
Size: 666.11 MB
Category: SHN/FLAC – Full Concerts
Uploaded by: chris

The Tragically Hip
Shephards Bush Empire
London, England
July 7, 2006

Audio source:
Coresound HEB’s (dpa 4061) > edirol R1 24/44.1 > MacBookPro > Fission > xACT
Recorded from front of sound board by Dave Holmes

In January 2006 The Hip announced plans to tour Europe. On a whim I suggested
that we get a group together and follow them. Little did I know that this
suggestion would turn into the trip of a lifetime with 7 fellow Hip fans from
across this great nation!

This show was the first of the European Tour. It was a surreal experience when we
realized that July 7, 2006 was anniversary of the London Bombings.
We traveled around the city that day, and in the middle of it, the whole transit system
stopped and everyone stood silent in memory of the deaths and injured on that day one year ago.
The second song Courage, was dedicated to those people.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we had living it.

This was a trip of a lifetime.

Set list
01: Don’t Wake Daddy
02: Courage
03: The Lonely End of the Rink
04: Gus: The Polar Bear from Central Park
05: Ahead By A Century
06: Gift Shop
07: Lionized
08: Summer’s Killing Us
09: Bobcaygeon
10: Nautical Disaster
11: Springtime In Vienna
12: Yer Not The Ocean
13: At The 100th Meridian
14: It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
15: We’ll Go Too
16: Blow At High Dough
17: My Music At Work

18: Poets
19: Pretend
20: Little Bones

Be sure to visit


You can use the URL below to download the torrent (you may have to login).

The Hip BT Tracker

Summer Fling ’06: Fan recordings

Here’s the breakdown of what shows we’re working on for release through The Hip Tracker.
Volume 01: 2006-05-26 – Vancouver, BC (DVD & Audio)
Volume 02: 2006-05-27 – George, WA (Audio)
Volume 03: 2006-06-16 – Pittsburgh, PA (DVD & Audio)
Volume 04: 2006-06-17 – Lewiston, NY (DVD & Audio)
Volume 05: 2006-06-18 – Guelph, ON (DVD & Audio)
Volume 06: 2006-06-21 – Belleville, ON ( & Audio)
Volume 07: 2006-06-23 – Toronto, ON (DVD & Audio)
Volume 08: 2006-06-24 – Toronto, ON (DVD & Audio)
Volume 09: 2006-06-30 – Charlottetown, PEI (DVD & Audio)
Volume 10: 2006-07-02 – Milwaukee, WI (bootleg unknown)
Volume 11: 2006-07-03 – Chicago, IL (bootleg unknown)
Volume 12: 2006-07-07 – London, England (DVD & Audio)
Volume 13: 2006-07-08 – Brugge, Belguim (DVD & Audio)
Volume 14: 2006-07-09 – Weert, Netherlands (DVD & Audio)
Volume 15: 2006-07-11 – Amsterdam, Netherlands (DVD & Audio)
Volume 16: 2006-07-12 – Utrecht, Netherlands (DVD & Audio)
Volume 17: 2006-07-15 – St. Adele, PQ (bootleg unknown)
Volume 18: 2006-09-09 – Stratford, ON (DVD & Audio)
Volume 19: 2006-09-15 – Austin, TX (bootleg unknown)

This makes more sense…

Dutch Hipfan “Laxe” has translated the article I posted into a more coherent version:

Sure, I think I can do better than babelfish…..


In the street, near the entrance of Tivoli, groups of people hang around. Many Canadians with the flag of their country around the shoulders. Compatriots of the rockband Tragically hip who travel around the world to see their heroes at work in small European venues, instead of the enormous halls they fill at home. It promises a lot for what is about to come.

‘Taxi to the ocean’ open the show, just like a day before at the Paradiso, also sold out. They start strong and continue to rock hard in the twenty minutes playing time they have. The group of Canadians at the front rows didn’t escape their attention. Singer Just Posthumus: “This one’s for you mounties!” The songs and the musicians are solid and it shows that ‘Taxi to the ocean’, who will release a new cd soon, have grown since half a year before when they played at the 3VOOR12/Utrecht jubilee party in ‘de Helling’. On the stage of a sold out Tivoli the band fit in well. Posthumus: “We simply pretend you all came for us.”

The “mounties” shout with joy when their own heroes climb the stage. Although singer Gordon Downie already has sweat pouring down his body in streams halfway through the first song, the first two songs fall slightly flat. But when he straps on his own acoustic guitar, the band really picks up the pace. At the rear of the podium drummer Johnny Fay lets loose completely, at the side of front man Downie bass player Gord Sinclair jumps up and down with his bass guitar and on both ends of the stage the guitarists Robby Baker and Paul Langlois play their parts nearly motionlessly.

So the songs may not always be very special and frequently spun out a little too long, nobody in Tivoli cares. Seeing this band live is undergoing a special experience and the audience, in their thirties or forties, from all parts of the country, do that willingly. The audience clearly shows that the band has been around for some time; they have been working for some twenty years already and were at Pinkpop in 1994. From a band that imitated ‘Golden Earring’ repertoire, this group developed into genuine stadium act. That shows in the way Downie plays the audience: he focuses mainly on the people a few rows from the stage and hardly on the fans on the first rows.

Stage natural Downie attracts the attention not only with his hypnotising voice, which is reminiscent of REM’s Michael Stipe, but also with his facial expressions and moves. Dancing that often looks a bit clumsy, but then again seems to fit the music in a certain way, being (tragically) hip. The two guitarists may stand playing nearly motionlessly for an hour and a half, but in the same hour and a half they don’t miss a beat, whether playing hip pop songs, long solos in the style of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, or harder rock with a more electronic sound. That shows a lot of class.

A quartet of roadies is also busy during the concert. Packs of of strings are used up (especially Downie breaks a lot of them during playing), and also the microphone of the singer has to be replaced by a dry one from time to time (when he bends forward three streams of sweat pour from under his cap). After an hour and a half the band disappear behind the stage, leaving the now jumping crowd chanting Hip! Hip! Hip!, rightly wanting an encore. Downie takes the microphone: ‘Thank you for calling us back. We appreciate it.’ and ‘The Hip’ play another two songs. Then it’s really over. The Canadian film crew of the fanclub is satisfied, Dutch fans go home and the tour caravan can move on.

VPRO 3VOOR12 Utrecht JOURNALISM: Tragically Hip windt Tivoli om de vinger

VPRO 3VOOR12 Utrecht JOURNALISM: Tragically Hip windt Tivoli om de vinger

It’s in Dutch, but there are some cool photos of the band. Any Dutch fans out there want to translate the review for us?

Here’s what babelfish had to say:

On the street, for the entrance of Tivoli, groups people hang around. Many Canadians with the flag of their country around the shoulders. Compatriots of the rockband Tragically hip the that complete world travels around to see their heroes to the work in small European rooms, instead of the enormous our that link at home does fill up. It promises what kind of what will come. Taxi to the ocean open the show, just like a day rather in the Paradiso also sold off. Immediately strong and continues against go there in wide the twenty minutes speeltijd starts the link which they have. And also them are the group Canadians who range the first do not populate escape. Zanger Just Posthumus: “This one’s for you mounties!” The songs and the muzikanten stand if a house and to this is see that taxi to the ocean that a new cd brings out soon, clearly has grown with respect to a half year has been suffered at 3VOOR12/Utrecht the jubileumfeest in the slope. On the podium for sold off Tivoli the link is entirely in its element. mail humus: “we do simply net or you all for us come be.” The “mounties” shout with joy if their own heroes the podium rises. Although at zanger Gordon Downie already halfway the first number the sweat with straaltjes of its body flows, come the first two songs still what measure. When he afterwards however himself puts on an acoustic jet ear, the link really comes on pace. Behind on the podium drummer Johnny Fay entirely goes loose, beside front man Downie leaps bass player girds Sinclair and with its bass jet ear and on sides on the podium the gitaristen play Robby nurse and Paul Langlois hurry themselves motionless. That the songs are not complete particular and frequently what is possible too long spun out, nobody in Tivoli deren. These link live visit undergoing a special experience is and public, dertigers and veertigers from several parts of the country, do that willingly. Publicly characterises immediately how long the link goes along already; the link is already about twenty years busy and stood in 1994, on Pinkpop. Of a link which it applied earring earring-repertoire played the gezelschap developed into stadionband pur sang. That is see to the way plays on Downie publicly: he does that especially at people who cede to a couple meter of the podium, and hardly at the fans on the first range. podium animal Downie attracts not only the attention with its hypnotising voice, which most does think still of REM’s Michael Stipe, but also by its mimicry and movements. Dances which frequently what is houterig, but at music are appropriate and on a certain manner nevertheless (tragically) hip. the two gitaristen stand largely play an hour and a half nearly motionless, but sat there in the same an hour and a half a time beside. If the now hippe concerned headstock songs, long solos in the style of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, or harder rock with more electronic sounded. That testifies nevertheless of class. Also a quartet travelled with roadies is busy during the concert. Not only there a package snaren becomes doorheen nervous (particularly Downie break them always during playing), also the microphone of the zanger is from time to time replaced by a dry land. (If he bends forward itself, the sweat with three jets of its cap runs.) After an hour and a half the link disappears to behind, the meanwhile jumping public in the room chants hip! Hip! Hip! and rightly a toegift wants. Downie take the word: Thank you for calling US back. We appreciate it. And ‘ The hip ‘ play songs still two. Then it has been really done. The Canadian film plough of the supporter club is satisfied, Dutch fans turn homeward and the tourkaravaan can travel further. Tragically hip and taxi to the ocean seen: Tivoli, Wednesday 12 July 2006