Review: 2006-09-18 – Whitby, ON – Waterkeepers

Heart Of A Lake tourI just got in from the Whitby event; what a great evening.

First off, visit and learn how you can help.

Secondly, if you can go to one of these events, do it.

After a interesting and educational talk by two of the Waterkeepers the stage was turned over to Gord who strolled to the middle of the stage, sat down and picked up a guitar. He was funny and insightful, chatting with the audience rather than making a speech. In between his chats there were a couple of poems read by another artist (Tanis Rideout) and some interpretive dancing (Andrea Nann).
The following songs were performed:

Into The Night
My Name Is Figment
Willow Logic
Goodnight Josephine
The New Maybe
Christmastime In Toronto

After the show all of the performers gathered in the lobby to discuss the issues with those in attendance.