TORRENT: tth2006-07-09 – Weert, Netherlands DVD

iPod version

The Tragically Hip
Sportpark Boshoven
Weert, Netherlands
July 9, 2006

DVD (2.35:1, NTSC, Widescreen, Anamorphic)

Video Sources:
Right Soundboard – Sony DCR-SR100 (Chris Kirkpatrick)
Centre Soundboard: HDR-HC1 (HD1080i) to HD Tape (Adrian Burden)
Left Soundboard – HDR-HC1 (HD1080i) to FireStore FS-4 hard drive (Mark Sloggett)
Right Stage – DCR-TRV22 (Dustin Starchuk)

HD converted using MPEG Streamclip

Audio source: Trevor Astrope
AT853RX > SD 722 > Transferred via FireWire > MacBookPro for sync with video

Recorded 50 feet from front left speaker stack.

Final Cut Express

DVD & Assembly:

In January 2006 The Hip announced plans to tour Europe. On a whim I suggested that we get a group together and follow them. Little did I know that this suggestion would turn into the trip of a lifetime with 7 fellow Hip fans from across this great nation!

This show was on night three of our trek. The previous two nights were spent enjoying shows in London, England & Brugge, Belgium.

Early on the morning of this show some of us got up and took a quick swim in the ocean – it was really, really cold. After warming up we hit the road and headed for Eindhoven where we had a hotel booked.

When we arrived in Eindhoven at the hotel, we were informed that they had given our rooms to a group that was already at the hotel, so we would have to stay somewhere else. Through their Dutch/English we thought they meant that we would have to find another hotel! But what they meant is that we would have to stay at one of their other hotels, and they had rooms booked for us.

They gave us a choice: another similar hotel in Eidhoven – 5 minutes from theirs; or a 5 star resort in Baarlo – 30 minutes from Eindhoven, but closer to Weert.

We went for the resort!

The resort, Chateau de Raay, was incredible – but sadly we had no time to enjoy the amenities. We quickly checked in, gathered our gear and headed for the Weert.

As we had a slight issue securing our tickets from the ticketing agents (had to pick them up in the Netherlands Monday-Friday and we did not arrive until Sunday) The Hip’s management had arranged for us to pick them up at the venue. We pulled into the parking area and told the attendant that we had to pick up our tickets at the box office.

He replied, “No tickets, only passes at the box office. Sit tight and we’ll see if we can get you some All Access passes…” (This is paraphrased from his Dutch/English.)

I shared this news with the guys, and they rightfully scoffed at me.

Ten minutes later with our AAA Wristbands on, they quickly retracted their scoffs…

AAA = All Area Access… or at least that’s what we thought it meant as we were able to access all areas including the side and backstage area.

We wandered the backstage area for a while, saw Gord D walking near his bus and strumming his guitar, before heading to the viewing area.

We grabbed some food, set up our gear, and enjoyed a late afternoon show.

After the show we headed backstage to grab some food and possibly chat with The Hip.

The World Cup final was on TV at this point, so we hung out with many of the days performers, including The Hip, and watched the game.


Visit the resort in Baarlo.

01: Daddy
02: Courage
03: Lonely End Of The Rink
04: Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park
05: Ahead By A Century
06: Gift Shop
07: Summer Is Killing Us
08: Bobcaygeon
09: Nautical Disaster
10: Springtime In Vienna
11: Yer Not The Ocean
12: At The Hundredth Meridian
13: It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
14: Blow At High Dough
15: My Music At Work

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