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The Tragically Hip
Shephards Bush Empire
London, England
July 7, 2006

Audio source:
Coresound HEB’s (dpa 4061) > edirol R1 24/44.1 > MacBookPro > Fission > xACT
Recorded from front of sound board by Dave Holmes

In January 2006 The Hip announced plans to tour Europe. On a whim I suggested
that we get a group together and follow them. Little did I know that this
suggestion would turn into the trip of a lifetime with 7 fellow Hip fans from
across this great nation!

This show was the first of the European Tour. It was a surreal experience when we
realized that July 7, 2006 was anniversary of the London Bombings.
We traveled around the city that day, and in the middle of it, the whole transit system
stopped and everyone stood silent in memory of the deaths and injured on that day one year ago.
The second song Courage, was dedicated to those people.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we had living it.

This was a trip of a lifetime.

Set list
01: Don’t Wake Daddy
02: Courage
03: The Lonely End of the Rink
04: Gus: The Polar Bear from Central Park
05: Ahead By A Century
06: Gift Shop
07: Lionized
08: Summer’s Killing Us
09: Bobcaygeon
10: Nautical Disaster
11: Springtime In Vienna
12: Yer Not The Ocean
13: At The 100th Meridian
14: It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
15: We’ll Go Too
16: Blow At High Dough
17: My Music At Work

18: Poets
19: Pretend
20: Little Bones

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