SETLIST: 2007-05-14 – Minneapolis, MN

First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

01: Yer Not The Ocean
02: Fully, Completely
03: It Can’t Be Nashville Every Night
04: Boots Or Hearts
05: The Kids Don’t Get It
06: Bobcaygeon
07: Nautical Disaster
08: Family Band
09: Daredevil
10: World Container
11: Springtime In Vienna
12: New Orleans Is Sinking
13: Sherpa
14: In View
15: Gift Shop
16: Little Bones

17: Grace Too
18: COVER: “Bastards Of Young” by The Replacements
19: The Lonely End Of The Rink

Here’s a clip of Gord telling off the jack ass in the crowd that threw a shirt at him during the previous song:

6 thoughts on “SETLIST: 2007-05-14 – Minneapolis, MN

  1. I see that the cover (bastards of young) has been posted for this show, just wondering if the rest of the show will be on the hipbttracker anytime soon? thanks

  2. Was at 1st Ave last night, I concur it was great to hear some tunes off of DFN, Grace Too was awesome. I am happy to hear whetever they want to play. There are so many great songs to choose from they could never get to them all in one night and make everyones wishlist complete.

    I thought In View was actually better live without the
    80’s pop keyboard, it sounded more like an old Allman Brother tune last night with the rolling guitars, kinda like an old lost am radio gem.

  3. I’ve got the setlist it is as follows
    1 Ocean
    2 Fully
    3 Nashville
    4 Boots
    5 Kids
    6 Bob C
    7 Nautical
    8 Family Band
    9 Daredevil
    10 World Container
    11 Springtime
    12 New Orleans
    13 Sherpa
    14 In View
    15 Gift Shop
    16 Little Bones
    “Bastards Of Young” by The Replacements

  4. Was at this show last night, great set. Some idiot threw a shirt at Gordie halfway through that snapped his guitar string, which clocked him in the teeth. Gord threw him a few f-bombs (and threw back the shirt) and within a few minutes they were back in the zone. Unfortunate but otherwise a great show. From WC, Ocean and Kids were unreal, In View and Rink somehow weren’t as strong live.

  5. Cool, thanks for that. It nice to see some older songs from DFN etc making an appearance.

    I’m getting so excited about London it’s unreal!!


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