The Wait Is Almost Over!

Tomorrow night the tour resumes in Fredericton. I imagine that the month off for the boys will have them recharged and roaring out of the gate.

Will we see more cover tracks? Some old gems brought back into the rotation? What are your thoughts for the upcoming tour swing?

3 thoughts on “The Wait Is Almost Over!

  1. I’ve got a long list of things I’d love to hear! I’m so excited to be seeing the Hip again so soon. It’s been a long wait. I’d love to hear some older stuff – I’m crossing my fingers for Escape Is At Hand… at least once during Eurohip!

  2. In St. John’s on Sept. 8, they played Surrender by Cheap Trick and the played an awesome version of Titanic Terrarium. Great, Great show

  3. I’m guessing we’ll see a cover, but not in the encore…
    and some gems…perhaps like Titanic Terrarium. 🙂

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