Retro Hip…

Hip fan Sean Bonner found these incredible pics of The Hip performing at Bayridge Secondary School in Kingston way back in 1984!

Big thanks to Zeinith for posting them to his Picasa Gallery!

The Hip in 1984 - 1 The Hip in 1984 - 2 The Hip in 1984 - 3
The Hip in 1984 - 4 The Hip in 1984 - 5 The Hip in 1984 - 6

One thought on “Retro Hip…

  1. i have too send this due too recent events in my life.this is actually quite unbelievable.
    in 1984 i moved too a town and met a girl who changed my life.i grew up in farming
    community. my mom liked the occasional joint with her freind so we were exposed too
    fleetwood mac,ccr, simon and garfunkle…not complaining.. just the top ten was
    from about 20 years before i was born.
    when i met this girl we became best freinds.she loved music.i remember she had her
    albums all coded with plastic protection.
    with her i first heard alice cooper,springsteen, harry connick jr.she was the first person
    i ever knew that went too a concert.
    she calls me and says her and a freind of ours rob had gone too kingston and a freind
    had extra tickets left and she went and saw the hip.i hadnt heard of them but i remember
    her saying –you should see the lead singer he is hypnotizing too watch-like he is
    having a seizure or something.
    not long after that she collected some tapes of performances her freind would send her
    and we would listen for hours.
    the sad part is this very best freind of mine at 41 years old died of a massive stroke 2
    months ago due too diabetic problems.
    i can barely think of her without thinking of her spirit and her love for music.
    another girl we knew was in yesterday because our freinds birthday would be in a few
    weeks and we were looking at a memorial for her.
    i just said all i want is for those tapes she had from many years ago too be played.

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