EuroHip :: Day Three (Groningen)

After getting some rest and a shower we headed into the city centre for dinner. We enjoyed a pleasant meal in the main square complemented with some excellent tasting Heineken. This was followed by 14 more rounds of amazing tasting Heineken.

The results of these rounds can been seen in some of BigA’s pics. Also be sure to read his perspective on the trip.

A strange “highlight” of the evening was the “Unlimited Pee Pass” that the bar offered. BigA details it on his site, and as he said, we definitely got our moneys worth.

It’s Sunday morning now and the long sleep last night did a world of good. Breakfast and some sightseeing are the current priorities before getting ourselves sorted out for the show tonight.

2 thoughts on “EuroHip :: Day Three (Groningen)

  1. great to see such devoted Hip fans !! Tonight i will be in groningen to finally see the Hip play live. Everybody enjoy the show tonight !!

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