EuroHip :: Day Five (Groningen to Amsterdam)

Today was another travel day. The train trip from Groningen was much easier this time as we only needed to change once… until we got to the change station. We got on the train that was headed for Amsterdam but after about 5 minutes the conductor made an announcement in Dutch and everyone, except us, got off the train. I went to find a staffer and they said that there was an accident so we had to go take a different train to Utrecht and then transfer for Amsterdam. Sadly this info came just as the train we were on was about to leave… so we rode it ahead another stop, and then rode it back to where we were. All told it took an extra hour and a half to get back to Amsterdam.

The afternoon was spent exploring the city and enjoying some pints.

The afternoon activities crossed into the evening and before we knew it it was time for sleep. On the way back to the hostel Dave and Trevor had a run in with the Police. Actually, the Police ran into Dave and Trevor. A Police car passed us and then Dave and Trever stepped out to crossed the street. Trevor is blind and Dave was guiding him. All of a sudden the cop car puts it in reverse and backs into them at full speed knocking them both flying. The impact broke the tail light of the car and scratched up the paint. Both guys seem to be OK at this point. (I’ll post some pics when I get them uploaded.)

After the accident we made out way back to the hostel and called it a night.

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  1. Tonight we dedicate this next song to Trevor and Dave.
    This song is called “Hit in the Ass by the Trunk Of A Car”

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