EuroHip :: Day Four (Groningen)

We awoke to the sound of church bells and the glow of a sunny day. After scarfing down all we could eat at the hotel breakfast bar, we headed out to explore Groningen. Almost all shops are closed on Sundays so the city was pretty quiet. Add to that the fact that there was a local football match and it made for an eerie quiet except for the sounds of people watching TV escaping from the windows of the homes along the main streets.

The afternoon was spent on a patio enjoying the sun, the beer, and some laughs about the previous nights activities.

01: The Lonely End Of The Rink
02: New Orleans Is Sinking
03: Fully Completely
04: It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
05: Yer Not The Ocean
06: Courage
07: Ahead By A Century
08: In View
09: Poets
10: World Container
11: Springtime In Vienna
12: At The Hundredth Meridian
13: The Kids Don’t Get It
14: Bobcaygeon
15: Fireworks
16: Blow At High Dough

17: Family Band
18: Grace, Too
19: My Music At Work

Good show in a smallish venue… with very few people. There was a big football match today so a lot of people spent it drinking and by time the show rolled around they either didn’t come, or were rather subdued in their actions.

Anywho… it was nice to meet/se again a few Hipbasers – Debbie, Naomi, Joanne, Mike and Paul!

Off to sleep, and then Amsterdam…

One thought on “EuroHip :: Day Four (Groningen)

  1. The show was absolutelly cool once more.
    (this was the second Hip show for me allthough I’ve been a fan since Road Apples)

    Gordon was really at it all night and even made me catch the mic stand…. with my head!!

    Cool show, cool fans. Really liked talking to all you “crazy” canadiens too!!

    HAHA greetz, and keep up the good stuff – Maarten Palthe

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