EuroHip :: Day Seven (Amsterdam)

What a great way to end my part of EuroHip 2007! We had lunch at The Hard Rock Café, took in the Heineken Experience, and then got ready for the show… and what a great show it was!!! During the pre-show gear set-up session, we chatted amongst ourselves about songs that we really wanted to hear. Judging by the setlist it looks like The Hip were listening.

The energy inside Paradiso is unlike any other venue. The building is alive and the fans and performers are extremely charged up as a result. If you’ve never been, make a point of going. If you’ve been there before, you know what I am talking about!

01: The Lonely End Of The Rink
02: New Orleans Is Sinking
03: Inevitability Of Death
04: The Dire Wolf
05: Yer Not The Ocean
06: Ahead By A Century
07: In View
08: Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)
09: Nautical Disaster
10: Pretend
11: Fireworks
12: Locked In The Trunk Of A Car
13: Long Time Running
14: The Kids Don’t Get It
15: Fully Completely
16: Blow At High Dough

17: Family Band
18: COVER: “The Magnificent Seven” by The Clash
19: Fire In The Hole

The first week of EuroHip 2007 was a great success – Trevor C, Dave and myself are all back in Canada now while the rest of the crew are carrying on for the balance of the tour.

To all of the new friends we made along the way, and the old friends we reunited with, thank you for making this another great experience.

…now I’m off to start clearing hard drive space to make room for all the footage we recorded.

2 thoughts on “EuroHip :: Day Seven (Amsterdam)

  1. Well did you see for yourself! The gold ring was mine! LOL It was a great show in Amsterdam Helena

  2. Indeed, it was an amazing show! Best setlist of the tour thus far. It was really spooky how Matt and I had been talking and we both agreed that we wanted to hear IOD and The Dire Wolf – and then we get the two back to back! Unreal! I’m gonna make sure I spend today talking about ‘Escape is at hand…’ and see if we can repeat the maguic tonight.

    I was sorry to see you go guys, but it’s been a fantastic time! Hopefully I can come to Canada next time.


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