Hip Documentary UPDATE

Here’s an update on the project from Dan – the lead singer of Little Bones, one of the acts featured in the documentary.


I have some info from Good Company Pictures.

They noted that the airing station is the E Channel (Entertainment Channel), and the documentary (a series of 4 shows) runs 1 hr per week at 10PM covering Tribute acts for:

Oct21 – The Police
Oct28 – Rush
Nov 4 – Queen
Nov 11—The Tragically Hip

That’s all I can find so far. So The Hip trib should be on at 10 pm on Rem. Day.

Should be interesting ….

Take Care,

Dan fom Little Bones.

One thought on “Hip Documentary UPDATE

  1. Hi Everyone, here are some more details from the press release:



    DEBUTS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21 – 10PM ET/PT (1 hour)

    (CALGARY, September 28, 2007) – E! is proud to present Tribute Bands, the network’s latest all-new Canadian original documentary series. Narrated by Toronto native and Rockstar: INXS finalist Suzie McNeil, each one-hour episode follows a tribute band paying homage to The Police, Rush, Queen and The Tragically Hip.

    From CanWest MediaWorks and Executive Producers Allison Grace and Michelle Metivier, this 4-part documentary series makes its television debut Sundays at 10pm ET/PT beginning October 21 on E!.

    By day they work in law offices, hospitals and factories; by night, they morph into Sting, Geddy Lee, Freddie Mercury and Gord Downie. Virtually every major rock band has spawned a tribute group. Tribute Bands features interviews with artists and industry veterans including Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush, the former manager of The Police Miles Copeland and Peter Freestone, Freddie Mercury’s longtime personal assistant.

    “E!’s roster of Canadian original documentaries continues to take viewers backstage with the premiere of Tribute Bands,” said Christine Shipton, Vice President of Original Programming for CanWest MediaWorks Inc. “E! is a vibrant new network and we are committed to providing viewers with a host of quality Canadian programming that reflects this fresh, new point of view.”

    “The Next Best Sting” follows the maniacal and ever-entertaining Miles Copeland, who managed The Police for 23 years and is the brother of Police drummer Stewart Copeland. After witnessing the success of various Police tribute bands, Copeland decides to form “the ultimate Police tribute band.”

    In “For The Love of Rush”, viewers meet the obsessive Dave Cornwall (a.k.a. Spageddy Lee) who fronts an Arizona-based Rush tribute band called Freewill. Tribute Bands also connects with other groups trying to emulate one of the most technically proficient bands in the world.

    “Keeping The Spirit of Freddie Alive” trails Joe Russo’s fight to escape New York’s seedy club scene with Almost Queen, and Scotland’s Gary Mullen who has made a considerable fortune fronting One Night of Queen.

    The series concludes with “Keeping Up with the Hip”, a look at three Ontario-based Tragically Hip tribute bands as they try to ride the wave of one of Canada’s most beloved bands.


    Sundays at 10pm ET/PT
    “The Next Best Sting” – October 21
    “For the Love of Rush” – October 28
    “Keeping the Spirit of Freddie Alive” – November 4
    “Keeping Up with The Hip” – November 11

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