The Hip Tracker is Alive!

I am slowly rebuilding the database of torrent files. Torrents will transfer but for the time being there is no “tracker” page. I will post the .torrent files here, hipbase and

These are new .torrent files but they will pick up where your old downloads left off.

Save the linked file for the torrent(s) you want:
Gord Downie: 2003-07-04 – Orillia, ON
Matt Nathason: 2007-10-08 – Toronto, ON
TTH: 1993-07-23 – Markham, ON
TTH: 2007-09-08 – St Johns, NL
TTH: 2007-09-21 – London, UK
TTH: 2007-09-25 – Amsterdam, NL
TTH: 2007-10-01 – Eindhoven, NL
TTH: EuroHip 2007 ** 16 Bit **
TTH: EuroHip 2007 ** 24 Bit **
Sam Roberts Band: 2006-06-30 – Charlottetown, PEI DVD
TTH: 2006-06-30 – Charlottetown, PEI DVD
TTH: 2007-09-11 – Fredericton, NB

3 thoughts on “The Hip Tracker is Alive!

  1. I am blown away by all the effort that must go into this. Thank you thank you thank you for the many shows I ahve enjoyed thanks to everying you’ve done and are doing…

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