The Hip Tracker

OK folks… The Hip Tracker is back in business and tracking torrents! The site needs some work, and the text/info files still need to be sorted out.

In the meantime, go and download the .torrent files again and start seeding/leeching shows!

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc, please post them in the comments.

And I’d like to say thank you to all of the fans who emailed me while the site was down – we’ve really got a great community!

3 thoughts on “The Hip Tracker

  1. Chris,

    first….great job for bringing “hiptracker” back to life !!
    second…Is it possible to put the “2006-07-08 – Brugge, Belguim ” .torrent file back on track. I would love to have this show on DVD.

    Thanks in advance !!

  2. Not a dumb question at all. Your old torrents should work just as they did before, assuming that I have added them back to the database. Adding them in is a manual process and is quite time consuming. I’m adding files whenever I can, but there are a lot to add back. Fire up your torrents and if they work, great! If not, let me know which ones are not working and I’ll see if I can get them fixed for you.

    That said, if you grabbed a brand new torrent with a passkey (only a handful of users did this) you will need the new .torrent files, but the portion of any actual file you downloaded will work without question. It’s a bit confusing to explain over email, but I hope you get the picture. If not, let me know!



  3. Dumb question, I suppose. I still have all my old torrents, ready to seed. Do I need to download them again ? Thanks …

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