TTH: 2006-07-11 – Amsterdam, NL DVD UPDATE

Here’s a snapshot of some of what goes into the DVDs we produce:

This is the timeline view of all the video and audio that will be edited into the final DVD. Each split (all the little black lines) represents a cut from one angle to another.
Final Cut timeline
This is the file listing of all the files from all of the tapers for this project. It includes audio and video.
File summary

2 thoughts on “TTH: 2006-07-11 – Amsterdam, NL DVD UPDATE

  1. Wow !!! A heavily underestimated job… I think !!!

    Thanks a lot for all the great work everyone involved has done yet…
    and thanks in advance for al the great things that are still to come !!

    Greetings from Belgium !!

  2. Thats a whole lot of work Chris, I think it just goes to show everyone how much effort you all put in.

    Once again, to you and all who are involved, thank you!

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